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Floor plans & maps PRO

This tutorial will show you how to add a map or a floor plan to your Virtual Tour and add overlay hotspots that link to the individual photos in the tour.

Upload an image

Once you create a virtual tour by uploading all your 360 shots, select Upload > Regular image from the main menu. You will see a screen where you can select an image from your drive:

You can use any regular image or photo as a floor plan as long as it is in JPG, PNG or GIF format. It can be a 3d rendering or the property, a map, a blueprint or CAD drawing or even... a photo of a hand-drawn sketch made with your mobile phone (if you are in a rush). After you upload the plan, you can add labels and hotspots linking to your 360° photos.

Add image to tour

Select the file you want to use and it will appear on the screen. Now you can use the Add tour button, as shown below, to add the image to the your existing tour.

Image credit: Rishabh Kushwaha / Behance

If you forget to add the image to a tour during upload, you can always do that later using the Add to tour button, that you can find on panel next to the post.

Create hotspots

You can add labels & hotspots to your floor plan in the same way as you would add them to a 360° photo. Here's an example of a hotspot added over a regular image, a floor plan in this case:

If you are not familiar with editing hotspots on Kuula, you can start by checking out this tutorial.

Integrating plans with tours

After posting the plan image, it will appear in the in thumbnail bar along with the other post in the tour.

"Mark as plan"

You can now go to the Edit tour section and mark that post it as a plan. When it's marked as a plan, it will be available under a special Plan button on the top of the thumbnail view, for easy access, like this:

To mark a post as plan, make sure it is added to your tour and then click on the Edit Tour link above the thumbnail bar:

The Edit Tour section shows all the post in form of a grid. Find the plan on the grid and check the floor plan icon in the top/left corner to make it green:

Once you mark a post as a plan, the Plan button will show up on the thumbnail bar and it will take the users to the selected post. Note that you can select multiple post to be used as plan too, for example, if you have a separate plan for each floor.

The red icon next to the "Mark as plan" button allows to hide the post from the thumbnail view. It can be used to completely hide the plan from the thumbnail bar and have it available only under the Plan button. For more information, please refer to the Managing Tours tutorial.

VR mode

In VR mode on mobile, floor plans and other regular images are displayed in front of you on a flat plane and hotspots can be activated using gaze navigation.