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Embedding content with Embedly

Kuula is ad official Embedly provider, which means that you can embed posts & tours from Kuula anywhere this standard is supported, and it's very easy too!

Among the most popular platofrms supporting Embedly are Medium, Kickstarter, Matterport and Linkedin. To embed Kuula contant on any of those platforms, all you need to do is to copy the deep link to the post or tour.

Now, you just have to paste it in post editor and see it turned into an interactive 360 photo right away. In case of Medium, the click on the + button on the side and then select the embed <> button:

When the link is pasted into the Medium editor, it will instantly be changed into an embed.

If you are a Kuula PRO subscriber, your panorama will by default have your customized logo (if you uploaded one) and the INFO button will be hidden.