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Stickers and text

With Kuula you can edit and enchance your photos with elements called Addons. There are three kind of addons - stickers, text and hotspots. This article is dedicated to stickers and text, while Hotspots are covered in a separate one.

To see an what you can create with the Kuula editor, check this:

Sample Virtual Tour

You can add elements to your post when uploading of a new photo or by editing any of the existing ones. To edit an existing post click on the edit (pen) icon in the toolbar located in the top-right (desktop) or bottom (mobile) of the screen or by clicking the Edit button next to a post thumbnail on your profile.

The addon buttons are located in the panel that shows up when you enter the editor.

Kuula post editor - addon buttons


The first type of Addon is a sticker - an image you can place anywhere in your photo. To add a sticker, click on the Sticker button and a dialog will appear where you can choose the image to add:

Kuula post editor - sticker choice dialog

Have an idea for a sticker? We are more than happy to add more stickers so just let us know what you are looking for!

Once added, you can adjust the position of the sticker by dragging it around the screen. Using the Size and Rotation sliders on the right side panel you can adjust the size and rotation of the sticker (duh!).

Kuula post editor - sticker editor

The Scale to Zoom checkbox, if checked, will lock scaling of the sticker when you zoom in and out in the photo. Stickers have this option unchecked by default, but you can try it to see what you prefer by toggling the checkbox and using your mouse wheel - or double tap on touch screens - to zoom in and out.


With the text addon, you can simply add a piece of text overlayed anywhere in your post. It can be used to describe elements in the photo, add comments and put labels on things.

Click on the green Text button in the editor to add a text. A label will show up in your photo and the editor will switch to the text editing mode.

Kuula post editor - text editor

In the text editor you can change the color of the text using A, the background, using paint bucket or toggle bold with B. You can also change the font size and text alignment (left, center or right)

If you want to adjust the position of the text in the photo, simply drag the text around.

All the editing options are also available on mobile. Simply open your mobile browser (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android), go to the post you want to edit and hit the Edit button in the bottom of the screen.

Kuula post editor - mobile UI

When you feel satisfied with all the addons and edits, hit the green SAVE button in the top-right to save your changes. That's it - your post is ready to share!

If you ever need to change any of the addons, just jump back into the editor, do the changes and hit SAVE again.

Happy editing!