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Unlisted Posts and Collections PRO

Kuula PRO users can create unlisted posts and collections.

Regular Kuula users can only post public photos. Unlisted posts differ from public posts in that they are hidden from Kuula website visitors - not visible in your public profile or not available in search. However, you can share a link to an Unlisted post with anyone you wish and the person who has that link will be able to access and see that content.

Collections can be Unlisted in a similar way as individual posts.

Unlisted Posts

To create an unlisted post, select the Unlisted option from the Privaxy menu. You can also go to the editor of any existing post and change it's privace setting from Public to Unlisted or back at any time:

You can easily recognize and unlisted by the label on the photo information panel (1). To share an unlisted post, you can simply copy the link to this post form the browsers address bar (2):

Unlisted Collections

You do not need to explicitely set a collection to be Unlisted. Just create a collection (1) and start adding post to it. If one or more posts in a collection is Unlisted, the collection itself will automatically become unlisted.

All unlisted collections are marked with an orange bar at the bottom, like on the screenshot above (2).

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