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Unlisted Posts and Tours PRO

Kuula PRO users can create unlisted posts and tours.

Unlisted posts are hidden from Kuula website visitors. They are not visible in your public profile and not available in search.

However, you can share a link to an unlisted post with anyone. The person who has a link to the post will be able to access it. Unlisted posts can also be embedded in same way as public posts.

Unlisted Posts

To create an unlisted post, select the Unlisted option from the Privacy menu during the Upload process. You can also go to the editor of any existing post and change it's privacy setting from Public to Unlisted (or back) at any time:

You can easily recognize an unlisted post by the label with a lock symbol on the top of the photo information panel:

Unlisted Tours

To create an unlisted tour, simply select Unlisted from the top menu when you create a tour.

For a tour to be considered unlisted, at least one post in it needs to be unlisted. If you have a public tour and would like to make it unlisted, simply set one or more post in the tour to unlisted. In a similar way, if all posts in a tour are public, the tour itself will be considered public.

When you are logged in and go to the Tours section of your profile, all unlisted tours will be marked with an orange bar at the bottom, like on the screenshot below.

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