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    With an MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, California-based collage artist Lisa McCutcheon is represented by Dolby Chadwick Gallery. “I draw inspiration from the things around me in my immediate environment and from there I begin to construct a narrative in my large and medium scale collages. Recently this has included my fascination with the feathery beauty and graceful movements of the chickens I have been raising. My interest lies in deconstructing my materials so the imagery is not easily discernible and adhering to abstraction along the way while also maintaining some degree of that which is knowable. I am drawn to this challenge of straddling the line between that which is recognizable and the more ambiguous Moreover, my aim in my work is to imbue each piece with rhythm and fluidity and a vast negative space that holds equal importance. My work is process driven. All the pieces begin by cutting and repurposing old paintings and more recently completing new paintings with the sole intention to cut up, reconfigure and layer into a new narrative. Semi-transparent Mylar is used in the paintings because it imparts a hazy see-through quality that is crucial to the work. This transparency allows for new relationships to emerge within the imagery as I overlap one piece over the next in this process.”

    Visual artist Georgeta Fondos (MFA, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton FL) is accomplished in several disciplines including experimental textile art, mural art, and illustration. Fondos’ textile art installations have been exhibited at venues such as Boca Raton Museum of Art, Brevard Museum, Coral Springs Museum of Art, Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, FAT Village, Stuart Cultural Center, and others. Born and raised in the Republic of Moldova, Georgeta Fondos immigrated to the US in 2003. She has been an instructor at Broward College since 2008, where she teaches drawing, 2D design, and art appreciation. Her artwork and public art commissions are included in museums and private collections across the country. Fondos’ work revolves around ideas of transformation and change. She creates evocative sculptural forms by scorching raw synthetic fabrics. The scorching process has become her own form of alchemy - the flame ‘draws’, ‘weaves’, and ‘sculpts’ the surface of the fabric, transforming it into a myriad of dream-like forms and textures. The delicately scorched forms are invitations to contemplate human emotions, sentiments and memories.

    Georgeta Fondos Spa... Ashglass