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    This foot sharpener was used to sharpen other tools. The tool would be placed on the stone, and a person would sit on the seat seen on the right. The person then turned the hand crank, which spun the stone and sharpened the tool.





    This catalog was released during the Golden Gate International Exposition held on Treasure Island, and includes the Golden State Rose, the chosen theme Rose of the Exposition. This cover was from an oil painting of the Vallejo Adobe, commissioned by George C. Roeding Jr. to renowned artist Maurice Logan completed this piece.

    A booklet selection within the 1939 California Horticulture catalogue (whose cover is right above this one), this catalogue within a catalogue lists, describes, and beautifully pictures some of the gardens that were all held on Treasure Island for the Golden Gate Exposition. "The West's Oldest and Largest Nursery" is declared in the catalogue with a personal invitation from George C. Roeding Jr.

    "Our Niles gardens and growing grounds are situated on land which comprised part of Rancho Arroyo de la Alameda, granted by Spain and confirmed by Mexico to Don Jose de Vallejo, the first Administrator of the nearby Mission San Jose." "Blessed by rare advantages of fertile, deep topsoil and favorable climate, Rancho Arroyo also has excellent natural drainage and its own complete supply of water."

    In 1928 the first edition of the Rose Catalogue was released due to the high demand for roses from the nursery. On this cover, the Angele Pernet, Padre, Etoile de Feu, and Queen Alexandra roses are drawn. "For the real lover of rises there is no pleasure to equal that which is to be had when after weeks of care and attention a new rose blooms for the first time."

    Beginning in the 1890's, a majority of the catalogs produced by the California Nursery Company also had the English versions reprinted in foreign languages. This catalog is in Spanish so it could be released in Spanish-speaking countries. The Peace Rose was first sold in 1946 on the west coast only at the California Nursery Company.

    "Sequoia Gigantea (California Big Tree or Giant Sequoia)–illustrated on the front cover of our catalog–is found only in a few isolated areas on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California." "Because these trees are the oldest living things, most people believe them to be slow growing. However, they really grow very rapidly when young and make beautiful specimens. No other tree is so symmetrical. They are ideal for park planting and quite often are used for outdoor Christmas trees."

    "The sketch on the front cover of this book is of our Garden Store, new this year, wherein you will fine everything for the garden as well as the headquarters for the Landscape Department." "Visit us at Niles...Wander through our extensive grounds, and see the many points of interest within this unusual show place."

    Shown here are some of the locations that the California Nursery Company had expanded to. "To all of our friends–here at home, in distant states, and in foreign countries, especially to our loyal customers in Latin America; and to clients of our Landscape Organization, may I say that full value and complete satisfaction is the customer's reasonable right and the first tenet of our business operation." -George C. Roeding Jr.

    "Ever since the founding of our nursery–100 years ago–this has been the foremost objective of the California Nursery Company. We have found that it is not sufficient for the nurseryman to know his business of growing an assortment of nursery stock, but he must also be willing to devote extra time, effort, and care to develop plants with a strong root system and other essential characteristics to assure their ultimate success in terms of yield."

    "Extensive plantings of orchards throughout the United States as well as many foreign countries demonstrate the quality of Roeding Grown Trees." "Our location at Niles fives us a particular advantage in the prompt dispatch and rapid delivery of shipments to far countries. Stretching out form Niles is a vast network of rail lines which offer the most rapid overland transportation. The ports of San Francisco and Oakland, but a short distance away, afford splendid shipping facilities to all corners of the world."

    "Visit our 15th Annual Bulb Show. Be sure to bring your family and friends to this well-establish event–Northern California's first and largest Outdoor Bulb Show." "It is a pleasure to announce to all fruit and grape growers the new red, early table grape–Cardinal. The Cardinal is a seedling, resulting form a cross of the Flame Tokay and Ribier, developed by the United States Department of Agriculture Field Station in Fresno, California.

    "This folder lists a collection of large specimen trees and shrubs which is unique in nursery annals, for no other single source is able to provide such diversification of varieties and sizes."




    "Our nurseries are the largest on the Pacific Coast." "The unequaled reputation which out trees have, not only on the Pacific Coast, but in almost every country in the world, is an indication of the great care we exercise in every detail of our chosen line of work."

    This catalogue has roses from the 1953 to the late 1940's listed for sale. These roses are "Roeding's Quality Roses" and "All-American Rose Selections." "To be introduced as an 'All America' rose, a new variety must have exceptional merit. It must receive the approval of competent judges observing the candidate over a 2-year period in 16 test gardens strategically located through the United States

    This special edition catalogue was given at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) held in San Francisco. This special edition catalogue was also unique in the sense that it was the only catalogue released from the California Nursery Company to be a scientific classification of the species grown at the California Nursery Company growing grounds.

    Copper prints, which work like stamps, are carved and designed by artists like Maurice Logan. These print are often used in artwork for advertisement.

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