Mural pano

    When you pass through the Boys and Girls Library door, you will enter what used to be the front parlor of the mansion. Use your mouse to find the original fireplace in that front parlor. Then use your mouse to bring you back to the entry way just inside the door. You will find the plaque that tells about the history of the building and the families who lived there. This building was originally a mansion owned by the Fowler-Gillett family. The home and property were conveyed to the town in 1898 for use as a public Athenaeum. The term athenaeum originates with the ancient Greeks and means a place that not only has books, but also includes art, music, and possibly, a museum. In time, additions were added to the mansion and the original building now is home to the Boys and Girls Library. As you scroll through this building, notice the beautiful woodwork, doorways, and other original architecture of this magnificent building which have been painstakingly preserved. Also, take time to look closely at the 44 foot long mural created by David Fichter in 2010 which highlights the major people, places, industries, and past times of Westfield. The Edwin Smith Museum is another not-to be-missed area of the Athenaeum. Before you leave, take a look at the door to the Boys and Girls Library which was recently restored and painted by Joe Muto of J.A.N. Renovations and funded by a generous donor and the Rise to Knowledge Capital Campaign Fund. You can either click on the pins on the map to go to a site, or click on a picture on the film strip at the bottom of the screen. The map icon is located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

    Fireplace Fowler-Gillett hous... Gillett plaque