专业会计 Professional Accounting Accounting We offer full set of accounting & bookkeeping services both inbound (at our office) & outbound (at client place) and preparation of monthly, quarterly or yearly preparation of account based on client needs. Backlog account We do provide service on doing backlog accounting and also past year account which is unsettle. We will assist you to finalise the account in soonest possible. SST submission We provide services on SST registration, SST accounting, SST submission and SST review. We will assist and keep your SST compliance to the latest ruling by our experienced SST Consultant.

    专业审计 Professional Auditing Tax consultation Worry about your company tax or personal tax? We offer tax consultation and review for you and your company. And we do also offer tax consultation to assist you when you or the company face income tax audit conducted by Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (IRBM).

    专业公秘 Professional CoSec Company Secretarial We offer full set of Company Secretarial Services included transfer in, change of secretary In Malaysia, change of Sdn Bhd name, strike off company or closing of Sdn Bhd and so on. Business advisory We provide range of business advisory such as business review, internal audit review, suggestion and improvement, costing, budgeting and projections. These services are cater for growing company who want to seek third party review and opinion on the company overall structure and business flow.

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