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    Police boxes were introduced in 1931 to make the lives of those living in remote parts of the county easier. The boxes meant that residents no longer had to go in search of their local policeman, and officers could be notified and dispatched on their motorbikes much quicker. The first boxes in Leicestershire were in Lutterworth, Arnesby, North Kilworth and Ullesthorpe and others followed shortly after. By 1967 many homes had a telephone and police boxes were removed as they were no longer considered necessary. Our only remaining operational police box stands at the entrance to Bradgate Park. It originally stood at North Kilworth and was transferred to its current site in 1952. - Source Leicestershire Police, Image Kevin T

    At the centre, and the heart, of the village of Newtown Linford, the (All) Saints have been worshipping God here since before the time of Lady Jane Grey (who grew up in the neighbouring Bradgate House) and serving the community in his name.

    Follow the path to The Conservatory Tearoom which offers Afternoon Teas. Choose from either a simple walk in platter or if you are looking for something a bit more special then book in advance one of our superior and very popular Afternoon Teas.

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    Defibrillators at Bradgate Park Bradgate Park has installed three defibrillators, also known as Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs). These have been funded through the generous support of our Fundraising Appeal from the public and local charitable trusts, including the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust. They are accessible 24/7. There is a further portable unit that can be transported in emergencies to remote areas when rangers are on site. As part of the Heart Safe Park Project, the park will continue to fundraise for further units, as Trust staff regularly assist with emergencies across the Estate.