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    Gianluca Bacci-Evers BA (Hons) Photography The Manchester Canal System Using a customised 1835 map I photographed the Manchester Canal System. These images are part of a series of 14 photos surveying the Rochdale & Bridgewater canals, focusing on what was through the camera lens. @gmcrphotographer

    Sally Sharpe BA (Hons) Photography My subjects are performing for the camera and exploring themselves with a self-awareness that is distinctly contemporary. They understand the visual culture, acutely aware of how identity can be not only communicated but created. They are willing collaborators. @sallysharpe_photos

    Vicki Norris BA (Hons) Photography The promotion of positivity and hope explored through empathy, utilising therapeutic photography to facilitate the representation of emotions. @vickinphotography

    Tom Walsh BA (Hons) Photography ‘When the last has fallen…’ is a series of images which explores the topic of urban sprawl and humanity’s complex and destructive relationship with the natural landscape. @tomwalshphotography Adobe Portfolio -

    Adam Townend BA (Hons) Photography These images offer us an escape from reality into the beauty of architecture. They enable us to think more carefully about life and its many mysteries. They are all places of learning, the shapes of the building are unique in their design, which allows you to live through my picture like you were viewing it from out a window. @adamtownend0