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    We work closely with FANUC to deliver the best features and options for the customer, with the 31i-MB Control. Large memory for surfacing data programs, large look ahead for path planning and the ability to decide between roughing and finishing are all included in this powerful, industry leading control. The standard Takumi control features are specifically designed to augment the mechanical design for greater speed and superior part finish. Standard Features: 1 Gig Data Server AICC 2 Nano Smoothing High Speed Processing 600 Block Look Ahead Machine Condition Selection (R1-R10)

    The Renishaw Set & Inspect feature on Takumi CNC machines lets you automate a production cycle by inspecting features to determine tool wear and it automatically adjusts the wear offsets as needed. You can define how many parts you want to inspect before adjusting the offsets, what percentage of the error to apply as an adjustment, and/or tell it to stop production if results are out of tolerance.

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    1 Gig Data Server - The Data Server / Fast Data Server consists of an embedded memory card and an Ethernet connection on the CNC. The Data Server allows files to be transferred from a host computer to the CNC memory, or to the memory card on the Data server. Part programs may also be executed directly either from the network or the Compact Flash card on the Data Server. Benefits • Manage part programs for multiple machines at a central location. • Store and reliably execute large part programs without taking up part program storage on the CNC. • Drag and drop file transfer operation from remote computers on the same network with secure FTP protocol.

    AICC 2 - AI Contour Control II (AICC-II) is used to realize high-precision machining at optimal machining speeds. This function suppresses path errors due to acceleration / deceleration delay, servo positioning delay, and mechanical and electromechanical machine performance constraints. Without this function machining profile errors would increase proportionally with the programmed path feed rate. In practice, this function is useful when cutting on complex part forms involving sudden cutter direction changes such as are found in die/mold machining. Benefits • Optimization of the machining speeds using smooth acceleration / deceleration to minimize axis-overshoot errors. • Decrease of the part-form tolerances suppressing acceleration / deceleration delays and servo lag • Elimination of corner-clipping errors that typically increase as the feed rate increases • Less requirement to process later the cut surface with grinding or polishing • Significant increase of the machine productivity

    High Speed Processing - The High-Speed Processing function improves both the CNC Block Processing Time and the NC block look-ahead capability of the option AI Contour Control II. Benefits • Enables higher precision machining of complex free-form surfaces described by minute micro-block moves. • Optimization of the machining speed of complex free-form surfaces described by minute micro-block moves.

    600 Block Look Ahead - When performing High-Speed Processing with AI Contour Control II, this function expands the CNC look-ahead capability to 600 CNC Part Program Blocks. Benefits • Enables a higher-precision machining on cutting complex part-forms that are defined by many, tiny, program blocks such as are found in die/mold machining. • The more look-ahead blocks the control can preview, the greater the chance it has of predicting a cutter direction change.

    Machine Condition Selection Function - Machining Condition Selection Function (MCSF) is a programmable way for the operator to set a level of machine accuracy whilst also optimizing productivity. With 10 defined steps, speed can be prioritized during roughing and then precision for the final finishing cuts. Benefits • Optimize the machining cycles • Better quality • Reduced machining time