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    PECVD (DP80 system from Plasma Technology)

    PECVD machine (Oxford Plasma 80+)

    Ellipsometer (FilmSense FS-1EX) Accurate thickness measurement of transparent or semi-transparent thin layers or layer stacks.

    Sputter coater (Leybold Z550) The Leybold Z550 sputter machine has a vacuum chamber with three 203mm diameter changeable (magnetron) targets. It is provided with a loadlock system, so you don't need to vent the vacuum chamber every time you change substrates (see Loading and unloading substrates ). Apart from the Argon you need for creating the plasma, oxygen can be used for reactive sputtering (see Process parameters materials). In this machine you have three sputter modes (DC, HF and Bias sputtering) and an Etch mode (for cleaning substrates before sputtering). You can also heat the substrates (only those on position 1) during sputtering.