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    Vacuum laminating press (Lauffer RLKV 25) Automated vacuum lamination press with controlled temperature and pressure profiles for 330 mm by 280 mm substrates.

    IBL SLC 300 Vapour phase reflow oven Reflow oven for solder pastes with a programmable temperature profile using the vapour phase of an inert liquid for the transfer of heat.

    Process furnace (ATV PEO-603) Multi-purpose process furnace with fast ramping and high temperature capabilities. Maximum temperature: 999º C. Maximum ramp up: 100º C / min up to 800º C. Maximum ramp down: 70º C / min from maximum to 600º C. Temperature stability +/- 0.2º C when operating above 300º C. Nitrogen and oxygen available as process gasses. Please note that this furnace is not suited as a regular oven and should not be used as such.

    EasyDrop Contact Angle Measuring System The EasyDrop Drop Shape Analysis System or Contact Angle Measuring System is a tool to study the wetting behavior of a liquid on a solid surface using sessile drop analysis.