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    Larbert High School Advanced Higher Art exhibtion Faces, going places - away from here.

      Maisie Cotter Exhi...

      Artist : Rachel Evans Title: Modern Temptations Date:3rd March 2021 Medium: Materials- Acrylic Paint Dimensions: 23.4x 16.5 inches Class: Advanced Higher My folio theme is Modern Temptations. My portfolio is supposed to represent the things that tempt people in modern day times. Examples of this include Alcohol, Gambling and Social Media. The inspiration for this theme came from the Vanitas period in Art History which was popular in the 17th century. The objects used in this style of still life often symbolised life and death e.g. skulls and roses. Therefore, I decided to use different objects to symbolise Modern Temptations in today’s society.

      Eagle Point

      Artist: Cerys McWatt Title: Figures 1 Date: Nov 2020 Medium: Oil on canvas 100cm x 100cm Description: My artwork is of a distorted face using warm neutral colours using Carl Beazleys work as inspiration . Lots of Beazley’s work is distortion which makes it look very interesting. This gives the painting more character and makes a portrait look more captivating than just a face. The theme of my folio is fear. Within my folio I am looking at all of the different aspects of fear and trying to work in a range of materials has really helped to create a lot of interesting pieces. Many artists including Carl Beazley and Lucian Freud have inspired me. This has allowed me to combine ideas of the different styles there are to use within my folio.

      Artist: Ryan Hunt Title: The Staircase Materials: Canon DSLR / Photographic paper Class: Advanced Higher Art and Design My photography based portfolio looks closely at various pieces of modern architecture. Throughout this creative process, I have attempted to explore various artistic styles and create a very experimental set of work. I have consistently challenged myself, each time stepping outside of my comfort zone in an attempt to further develop my creative abilities. Creating this portfolio has been hugely rewarding. With little background in art itself, I have often been unsure as to what pieces will prove to be successful. This image focuses on the strong geometry found in architecture and the narrative behind the building from its use past and present.

      Artist: Millie McAuslan Title: Inversion Materials- acrylic paint and magazines Dimensions- 21 x 15 Class: advanced higher art Throughout my folio I have been trying to show how we are constantly questioning beauty standards and what we see as beautiful not only as individuals but as a society. And how it is always constantly changing. But I want to show that despite this, everything and anyone can be beautiful no matter their differences.

      Artist: Aimee Wannan Title: Broken Shards of Face Date: 6/12/2020 Materials: Digital painting Dimensions: 30 x 22 cm Class: advanced higher art This piece is a digital art drawing related to my theme of ‘broken’. It combines shards of glass with portraiture and shows someone's face literally broken. My folio looks at ‘broken’ literally as well as metaphorically as in someone's mind and their mental health.

      Artist: Robyn Melvile Title : Digital Cello Medium: Digital Painting on IPad Dimensions: 29.7x21cm My folio this year takes inspiration from my love and passion for music. This drawing was completed on the ipad with an apple pencil using my cello as inspiration looking at the geometry and structure of the Cubist period with angular mark making and linear qualities

      Artist: Megan Kennedy Title: Cold 1979 Date-:November 2020 Medium: Biro pen and white pen on black paper Dimensions: 21 X 14.7 cm Class: Advanced Higher This piece is part of my folio on the theme of War. I am exploring the theme of war from the viewpoint of both soldiers and military personnel and civilians. I am using different materials to try and express an emotional story through my folio. War has an effect on everyone and every country. We see war on the news and television but are still blind to it until it is us involved in the war. This folio is trying to tell the stories of the people most affected by war and the emotional strain it has on them.

      Artist: Jemma McDowell Title: You’re only young twice Medium: Mixed Media Size: 29.7 x 42 cm Class: Advanced higher For this mixed media piece I used coloured pencil onto paper then stained the surrounding background with a cold tea bag to give it a mysterious and dark feel to it. The second piece (left) was oil pastel used onto cardboard. I used a range of subtle and dark colours on the cardboard to again give it an uneasy vibe to the piece.

      Artist- Rachel Johnston Title- Cornwall walk Date: 15/10/2019 Medium: coloured pens and acrylic paint Dimensions: 21.0 x 29.7cm Class: Advanced Higher Art My theme for the folio is Identity. This painting represents a part of my identity which is family. I believe that through the experience with your family it shapes who you become in the future. My identity is very interesting to me as it is always changing as I continue to grow and that makes up the many different facets that make up my personality and identity. In this folio I explore all the different facets that make up my identity and express that through artwork

      Artist : Heather Anderson Title: Knock Knock Date: 19/07/2020 Dimensions: 40.3x26.95 cm Class: Advanced Higher Art The title of my portfolio is Unfinished Tales which explores my favourite fairy tales, folklore and novels. As one of the aspects in fantasy that has always fascinated me is the combination of the mystical and relatable characters making it easier to immerse yourself in the story and develop feelings for fictional characters. My portfolio mainly consists of conceptual photography, where the idea and journey behind the photograph is more important, than what is directly in front of you.

      Artist: Anna Milliken Title: Under Construction Date: Nov 2020 Dimensions: 59.4 x 42cm My painting was inspired by the theme of plastic surgery, I used makeup on my face to portray a post plastic surgery look and took some pictures of it. I then inverted the colours of my image in some places and used the image as a reference for a painting. I painted the image using acrylic paint and focused on the details of the image. I used bright colours so the image can stand out and look very effective on one of my folio sheets.

      Artist: Sian Coffield Title: Hanging Game Medium: Arcylic Dimensions: 42 x 29.7cm Class: Advanced Higher Art Throughout my folio I have been interested in drawing taxidermy and animals from historical settings to the present day. This painting recreates the use of taxidermy and game used in old Dutch Masters painting from the Golden Age, where I have tried to recreate the realistic qualities of the fur and colour palette evoking historical accuracy in the piece.

      Artist: Kyra Ho Title: ‘Imperceptive’ Date: December 2020 Medium: Acrylic Paint Size: 297 x 420mm Class: Advanced Higher Art 2020 made me feel one thing, and that thing is trapped. Caged and confined. Isolated in my living space, I lacked capacity and resources. It's true, I felt like a prisoner. There were aspects of last year which restricted me from free living, therefore I chose to express this in a visual form to emphasise these circumstances. Creating a surface print to portray these feelings, my first step was to explore my theme through a painting, ‘Imperceptive’. Not only does this piece express the pain, loneliness and insanity, the absence of the eyes shows that this pandemic has caused a future of enigma.

      Artist: Emily Kidd Title: Sanctuary building, Cowden Japanese Gardens Date- January 2021 Materials - cardboard and card model Dimensions: 18 x 24 cm Class: Advanced Higher Art & Design Description - My architecture folio is inspired by the Japanese gardens in Cowden, Scotland. In summer 2020 I went to the gardens and decided that it was a perfect place to base my building on. The building is inspired by the Japanese crane and the roof is based on the crane’s wings and the flowing shapes of the wing. This is only the first model as I intend to add windows, doors and a deck over the lake in the garden onto the structure.

      Marnie Izatt Exhibi... Jessie KIDD Photgr...