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    ARTIST: Anj Odessa TITLE: EstroLOOP MEDIUM: Digital print on rag DIMENSIONS: 800x800mm DATE: 2020 Artist statement Anj Odessa is an agender-flux person working both socially and creatively in deconstructing hierarchical systems and intrusive barriers. Their current engagements highlight inadequacies within healthcare and support services. They operate an inter-modal practice, often blending ceramic media with new process and technologies. With no one-size-fits-all pathway or desire, EstroLOOP is a toric reflection which observes the ongoing & endless nature of gender diverse medical intervention.

    ARTIST: Megan Bonnici TITLE: Space Dunes MEDIUM: Inkjet print on archival paper DIMENSIONS: 830x1110mm DATE: 2019 Artist statement For me, Space Dunes in its colouration suggests both the Earth and the heavens. I love the way the lines of light evoke a sense of movement, with sheer fabric-like folds and layers. I also enjoy the freedom we have to interpret the abstract in many ways. What do you see?

    ARTIST: Simon Welsh TITLE: Jester MEDIUM: Paper art, collage, graphic design DIMENSIONS: 590x550mm DATE: 2019 Artist statement My work is a reflection of gender, race, religion and the rights of the lgbtiq+ community in contemporary Australian life. I mix gender, the masculine and the feminine in a playful way, to create a contemporary portrayal of modern domesticity. Often featured heavily in my work is religious iconography, environmental, political, mental health and the queer aesthetic. I hope to create discussion about these themes and open a dialogue in modern contemporary Australia.

    ARTIST: Karen Casey TITLE: Transplanted MEDIUM: 3-way lenticular image DIMENSIONS: 840x600mm DATE: 2019 Artist statement This work was created using medical diagnostic imaging software and it reflects a deeply personal journey through a period of physical fragility, degeneration and regeneration through medical intervention. These manipulated medical scans, taken post-transplant surgery, highlight a chapter of my story. Irradiated, anaesthetised, cut, cauterised, incised - stitched and stapled back together, the images peel back the layers of body, revealing the skeletal form, organs, sinews and musculature. They are confronting yet at the same time compelling as my internal body is transformed into a thing of macabre beauty that somehow belies the level of damage and trauma once experienced.

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    ARTIST: Uma Barry TITLE: Nature at it’s best, Werribee MEDIUM: Oil DIMENSIONS: 630x480mm DATE: 2019 Artist statement Uma Barry is a multi-award-winning artist and veteran of the Australian fine art industry. Her unique, self-taught style of oil painting has been inspired by her loving parents and carefully cultivated since the beginning of her art career at the age of 15. Upon arrival in Australia, Uma soon immersed herself in numerous art exhibitions provided by the Rotary, Apex and Lions clubs of Victoria. Currently, Uma paints 9-10 hours a day in her home studio gallery. She has won over 60 awards from numerous Victorian art competitions and is honoured to have received so much appreciation for her work.