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    We have an 8-web construction, while other Brand-X companies only use four! Ours provide about 25% more load capacity. Plus, we have three wind ties that keep the bottom chords of the trusses stable, while other Brand-X companies only uses two.

    Our 15.5” truss heel depth is unique in the post-frame industry. Other Brand-X companies use a 12” or less. Thicker truss heels give the building more rigidity from side-to-side and handling wind loads. Plus, ours eliminate the need for low-hanging, space-stealing knee braces.

    Truss plates are important as they do the work for the truss, so we manufacture our own to ensure optimal performance. Ours has a G90 galvanized coating, which provides greater protection against corrosion, and has a unique hexagonal plug plate that damages the wood less. Other Brand-X companies use a G60 galvanized coating with a nail-tooth design that has more exposed metal to corrode.

    Birds nesting in your building can make a mess to what you store inside. Our rust-proof, custom wire mesh is strong enough to stand up to the most aggressive birds and we place it in our top ridge and under overhangs. Other Brand-X companies leave the top ridge open and use a less substantial material that has the potential to rust.

    We have fasteners that connect purlins end-to-end to ensure accurate install of roof panels and to maximize truss strength. Other Brand-X companies lap them over each other, resulting in a greater chance for roof leaks due to roof fastener missing the purlin.

    Morton Exterior