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    24. A fine female figure with wonderful abstract proportions. Mossi culture. Burkina Faso. Carved in a brown wood with burnt in decorations. First half 20th century. Ex private collection UK. H - 35 cm. £1450. Enquiries -

    25. Animal mask. Makua.Tanzania. Carved in a lightwood and decorated with red paint, worn in parts. H -  20 cm. Ex private collection Germany. Mid 20th century or before. £2400. Enquiries -

    28. An important ceremonial girdle. Kuba people.DRC. Worn by a Kuba chief as a prestige adornment. The belt has nine very large fetish attachments comprising of rare seashells, others with their surface decorated with tiny glass beads and cowie shells. Ex private collection Germany. 64 cm x 88 cm (as mounted). £5400. Enquiries -

    26. Neck adornment. Irian Jaya? Small crocodile skull with cassowary feathers and claws. H - 40 cm (as mounted). £1400. Enquiries -

    27. Shield Western Highlands. PNG. Wood decorated with natural pigments. H - 164 cm. Ex private collection UK. £3800. Enquiries -


    2. Baboon mask. Luba - DRC. Animal mask with powerful primal expression depicting a baboon. Part a series of animal masks that were created by Luba artists around the 1960's to 1970's depicting animals of the forest. H - 33 cm. £4500. Enquiries -

    18. Fine 'nommo' figure. Dogon or Tellem. Mali. 19th century (or before). Ex private collection Germany. H -  41 cm (from bottom of base). £3400. Enquiries -

    19. Female figure. Lomwe. Mozambique. Female figure with deep scarifications to body and face. 1950's or before. H - 52 cm. £4800 Enquiries -

    20. Male figure. Sukuma culture.Tanzania Male figure painted red and eroded in places with a powerful expression. Inserted aluminum eyes and metal teeth. This figure would have been placed under a protective shelter acting as a village or crop guardian figure. Also during the end of the harvest season figures like this would have also been used in ceremonial dance. 1st half 20th century. H - 90 cm. £4500 Enquiries -

    21. Animal mask depicting a hunting dog. Makua culture. Tanzania/Mozambique. Carved from a semi-light wood with wonderful primal expression. Ex Walter Hekster collection, Amsterdam. L - 20 cm. £1850. aluminum

    22. 19th century Ethiopian high backed chair. With three curved supporting legs, a dish-shaped seat with attractive circular-shaped back support. The surface is dark with a lovely shiny patina from use and handling over time. Contemporary in form and in good overall condition. H - 90 cm. £1800. Enquiries -