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    1. Milk container. Zulu. Fine milk container. Zulu culture.Southern Africa. Beautiful form carved with two 'breasts' on either side. The double bands carved on the lower section and with a rounded base. Carved from a dense brown wood. Nice patina. H - 31 cm. £1450. Enquiries -

    13. Headrest. Zulu.Southern Africa. Good form with lusty patina. Ex private collection Terry and Bernice Pethica UK. L -  49 cm. £1750. Enquiries -

    12. Fine ‘deangle’ mask. Dan people.Ivory Coast. Carved in a dense wood with typical fine features, fine nose, parted lips with white metal teeth. Field collected in1968. Ex-private collection Germany. Hermann Sommerhage Germany. H – 26 cm. £3800. Enquiries -

    16. Powerful old Chokwe/Luvale mask. Angola/Zambia border region. A mask with wonderful primal features (monkey and human). Extensive wear, fine markings to the forehead, with a sticky oily surface patina. Coiffure of shredded strips of rubber with old glass beads attached. Ex private collection London. First half 20th century.  H -  23 cm. £3800. Enquiries -

    22. 19th century Ethiopian high backed chair. With three curved supporting legs, a dish-shaped seat with attractive circular-shaped back support. The surface is dark with a lovely shiny patina from use and handling. Contemporary in form and in good overall condition. H - 90 cm. £1800. Enquiries -

    8. Body mask. Makonde. Tanzania. Wooden mask decorated with red and covered with scarifications, some highlighted in beeswax. Ex private collection Brussels. H - 50 cm. £3600. Enquiries -

    4. Fine pair of ceremonial pots. Zande. Southern Sudan border with Northern DRC. Male & female characters made as a pair. Personally field-collected 1990's. Ex - private collection, London. 1st half 20th century. Good overall condition. H - 44 cm. 46 cm. £3600 pair. Enquiries -

    6. Fine hand shield. Tortoise shell, wood and metal. Dinka culture.Southern Sudan. First half 20th century. Ex private collection UK. H - 51 cm. £1250. Enquiries -

    5. A rare raffia baby carrier. Pygmy people.Eastern DRC. Made from twisted, knotted and woven raffia fibers. 1st half 20th century. 90 cm x 80 cm (as mounted). £1800. Enquiries -

    3. Large upper arm bracelet carved in Ivory. Gurunsi.Burkina Faso. A fine and large example. Nice curved form with milky white/yellow patina. Late 19th to early 20th century. Height  - 25 cm. Width - 15 cm. Custom mounted. £1250 Enquiries -

    10. Fine early Madonna figure. Makonde. Tanzania. The figure has a stern but serene expression characterized by it bending or leaning slightly to one side. Carved from a dense wood with a very worn surface patina from touching and handling over the years. H – 80 cm. £5600. Enquiries -

    7. Fine early 'alusi' figure. Igbo culture. Nigeria. Ex private collection Turin, Italy. First half 20th century. Wood with natural pigments. H - 95 cm. £6500. Enquiries -

    11. Barkcloth beater. Pygmy people?. North Eastern DRC. An early tool used for beating barkcloth. The handle is made from a piece of wood split at one end with the head made from either Hippo tooth or Ivory. The tool has a wonderful bird-like form. Late 19th to early 20th cent. H  - 40 cm. £1250. Enquiries -

    9. Fine bush cow headrest/mask 'mangam'. Mama people, Benue River Valley, Nigeria. Carved from a hardwood in a typical abstract form to represent the bush cow. Worn during events directed at securing agricultural success. Ex private collection Italy. H - 34 cm. £2800. Enquiries -

    15. Meat platter. Zulu. Southern Africa. Ex private collection David Roberts, Durban Southern Africa. Mid 20th century. H - 46 cm. £890. Custom mounted. Enquiries -

    14. Fine Akuaba doll. Ashanti. Ghana. Beautifully carved with an extended neck with multiple rings. Fine facial features. Ex Adam Prout UK and private collection UK. H - 44 cm. £2800. Custom mounted. Enquiries -

    23. A fine large stool. Ashanti.Ghana. Early 20th century. Central support carved on one side with 3 elephants and the other a bird on top of 2 elephants. Carved from a hard brown wood, good condition with a lovely patina. H - 58 cm L - 53 cm. £950. Enquiries -

    17. A finely incised Western Desert Aboriginal shield. 1st half 20th century. Ex private collection Brussels. H – 82 cm. £2800. Enquiries -

    18. Fine 'nommo' figure. Dogon or Tellem Mali. 19th century. Ex private collection Germany. H -  41 cm (from bottom of base to top of figure) £3400. Enquiries -


    2. Baboon mask. Luba. DRC. Animal mask with powerful primal expression depicting a baboon. Part a group of animal masks that were created by Luba artists around the 1960's to 1970's. H - 33 cm. £4500. Enquiries -



    21. Animal mask depicting a hunting dog. Makua culture. Tanzania/Mozambique. Carved from a semi-light wood with wonderful primal expression. Ex Walter Hekster collection, Amsterdam. L - 20 cm. £1850. aluminum

    20. Male figure. Sukuma culture.Tanzania Male figure painted red and eroded in places with a powerful expression. Inserted aluminum eyes and metal teeth. This figure would have been placed under a protective shelter acting as a village or crop guardian figure. Also during the end of the harvest season figures like this would have also been used in ceremonial dance. 1st half 20th century. H - 90 cm. £4500 Enquiries -

    19. Female figure. Lomwe. Mozambique. Female figure with deep scarifications to body and face. 1950's or before. H - 52 cm. £4800 Enquiries -