36. Stool. Lozi culture.Zambia. H – 20 cm D – 19.5 cm. £520. Enquiries -

    34. Headrest. Rendille people. Kenya. L -  24 cm H - 16 cm. £420. Enquiries -

    37. Headrest. Oromo. Bale region. Ethiopia. 19th century. H – 21 cm. L – 23 cm. £550. Enquiries -

    35. Headrest. Dinka culture.Southern Sudan. The underside of the headrest has a handgrip enabling the headrest to act as a small shield-like weapon. L – 40 cm. £850. Enquiries -

    30. Throwing knife. Ngbaka culture. DRC. Engraved blade with copper wrapped handle. H - 36 cm. £750 Enquiries -

    31. Fine prestige knife. Baule culture.Ivory Coast. The knife has a forged iron blade with a wooden handle that is beautifully decorated with old brass tacks. The animal hide sheath has three ‘spondylus’ shells attached. Ex private European collection. First half 20th century. H – 26 cm. £950. Enquiries -

    39. High backed chair. Gurage culture.Ethiopia. The backrest finely decorated with bands of diamond-shaped designs. Late 19th-century. H - 90 cm. £900. Enquiries -

    38. A fine 19th century Ethiopian high backed chair. With intricately carved cross-hatching back support. Shiney patina and in good condition. H - 85 cm. £1400. Enquiries -

    40. Beaded back apron. Yei culture, North-Western Botswana. The apron made from stitched panels of soft animal hide. Adorned with strings of ostrich shell and tiny glass beads. 75 cm x 75 cm (mounted). Mid 20th century. £1800. Enquiries -

    41. A rare grass fiber ceremonial skirt. Cameroon grasslands. First half 20th century. Grass fiber strands, bronze bells, cowrie shells and tiny glass beads. Ex Clive Loveless, London. H - 57 cm. L - 95 cm (mounted). £1650. Enquiries -

    42. Headrest. Dinka. Southern Sudan. Large headrest in zoomorphic form. Ex private collection Jonathan Lowen.London. L - 56 cm. H - 24 cm. £1400. Enquiries -

    43. Presentation trays. ‘Agakoko’. Tutsi people. Rwanda. Made from fine strands of grass. Kept by Tutsi families as a symbol of wealth. 1st half 20th century. Ex private collection Belgium. L to R – 12 cm.10 cm.16 cm. £350 each (SOLD - left side piece )

    45. A rare finely woven flat weave raffia fiber textile. Tetela?.DRC. Late 19th/early 20th century. Ex Pierre Loos collection Brussels. (Approximately a dozen known examples of this type of textile exist in private European collections). 46 cm x 50 cm. £1100. Enquiries -

    44. Wooden house post. Gurage culture.Ethiopia. 19th century. Carved with three phallic symbols at the top to give fertility and protection to the household. Also used as a partition to separate areas inside a traditional dwelling. Height 1.8 meters. £950. Enquiries -

    48. Ethiopian high backed chair. Gurage people.Ethiopia. Beautiful overall deep glossy patina with attractive decorations to all sides. Early part 20th century. Ex-private collection London. H – 70 cm x 34 cm x 33 cm. £780. Enquiries -

    46. Set of two flat woven bark fiber wall panels. Mongo culture. DRC. Fine woven bark strips coloured with natural pigments of yellow and black. 1930's. £750 pair as mounted. Enquiries -

    51. Women's hat. Zulu.Southern Africa. Woven hair coloured with natural pigments of red ochre. 1960's. D – 40 cm. (comes on custom made display stand). £900. Enquiries -

    49. Food bowl in the form of a bird. Lozi people. Zambia. Ex private collection UK. L - 35 cm. £850. Enquiries -

    50. Prestige staff. Haha people. Tanzania. Beautifully shaped staff with an animal head with two pointed ears. Lovely dark patina. Mid 20th century. H - 70 cm. £680. Enquiries -

    52. Woven grass fiber screen. Tutsi people. Rwanda. Ex private collection Belgium. H - 165 cm. £1900 Enquiries -

    33. Headrest. Oromo, Ethiopia. Second half 19th century. H – 16 cm. L - 17 cm. £380. Enquiries -

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    29. A fine 19th prestige blade. Topoke culture.Congo. Iron blade with solid heavy metal handle bound with fine strips of copper and soft white metal. The blade is decorated with finely engraved designs. H – 40 cm. £780 Enquiries -

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    32. Small chair. Zambia or Malawi. Pre 1950's. H - 40 cm. £580. Enquiries -

    47. A fine Western Pende mask. A finely executed mask with heart-shaped face, two curved horns decorated with red and white pigments. Ex private collection Maryland USA. First half 20th century. H -31 cm. £3400. Enquiries -