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    Maisie Cotter Exhibition O-HO โอ้โฮ My collection of work is called O-Ho. In Thai, “O-ho” is an expression used to show amazement or shock. It is the Thai version of “Wow”. Throughout my travels of South East Asia, I was constantly in awe and stunned by the beauty of the countries and wanted to replicate this through my designs. In my work I have tried to capture the busy buzz of the streets, combined with the incredible tropical nature and colours of South East Asia. Each print has been inspired and is named after a specific memory from my trip to South East Asia. Whether that be a city, a landmark or someone meaningful I met on my trip. By using my trip as inspiration for this collection, my prints act as my own photographs. I am able to remember where I stood, what I saw and how I felt, all by looking at my prints. In this collection I wanted to embrace the culture in South East Asia and bring some tropical vibrancy into interiors. By having my prints displayed within homes, I aim to transform the interiors into a colourful paradise. By using my travels as my inspiration for my designs I am able to share my memories with others. I hope to continue exploring the world and make amazing memories from the new places I’ll visit.

      Larbert High School...