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    The office room aims to simulate a working place environment. It is equipped with two working stations whose consumption is measured by means of a Smart Cable. In addition, the lighting system is automated by means of a Smart Cable and an Occupancy Sensor. This sensor has the following features: - Occupancy Sensor - Light Sensor - Temperature Sensor - Zigbee HA certified

    The real-time monitoring interface of the IoT Microgrid Laboratory shows the current status of all the sensors and actuators installed in the demo house. It also allows for the remote control of each individual actuator and the configuration of the control parameters for the algorithms. The application was created using the Web application modules of LabVIEW NXG. Therefore, it is accessible from any device connected to the local laboratory network.

    This sensor allows for the detection of opening events in windows and doors. It is formed by two parts which close a magnetic circuit when they are together. It is manufactured by the Danish company Develco and has the following features: - Magnetic sensors for opening and closing events - Temperature sensor up to 0.1-degree resolution - Zigbee HA certified.