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    "Claustrophobic Apartment" VR Environment for anxiety management. Video VR 360º version: https://youtu.be/hZvHk_wm0Ic Development process https://www.behance.net/gallery/24024793/Claustrophobic-Apartment-Dev-process VR Architectural Visualization https://www.behance.net/gallery/23933033/Claustrophobic-Apartment "PHOBOS" Project by PsyTech LLC http://psychologicaltechnologies.com/ http://phobos.psychologicaltechnologies.com/ https://connect.unity.com/p/581a549d090915002eeb555d Anxiety and Phobia Management VR Platform; developed to research and treat agoraphobia, some social anxiety disorders and specific phobias. Designed with CBT protocols in mind. Graded exposure to stimuli. Interactive 3D environments. Realistic Crowd and Social Group Dynamics Simulations. We are collaborating with universities, research facilities, mental health professionals and individuals around the world to develop the most versatile research and treatment tool to date. PsyTech is a Software and Virtual Reality startup that develops anxiety and phobia management solutions for individuals, professionals and organizations. We are pioneering the world's first Virtual Reality platform that targets a wide range of phobias and anxiety disorders. #Phobos, #VR, #PsyTech, #Anxiety, #Phobia, #VR360, #realtime, #Vive, #Oculus, #OpenVR, #Unity3D,