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    St. Peter and Paul church is the Galatina's mother church. Overlooking Piazza San Pietro, in the historical center of Rome, where the Porta Maggiore once stood, the main church of Santi Pietro e Paolo presents a scenic façade, a sign of Baroque taste, which characterizes most of the religious and private buildings of the city. The present church is the result of a reconstruction that took place between the thirties and forties of the 17th century, at the faculty of the University, which gave the church a prominent role compared to the other churches. The earthquake of 1743 damaged it deeply and, in the second half of the century, intervened with several remakes. It stands on the site of a former religious building. It is well known that in 1355 it was handed over to the rebuilding of a pre-existing chapel in which it was celebrated in Greek rite. Greek remained the official language in the rites of this church until the mid-sixteenth century. The city was in fact considered Greek (oppidum graecorum). Source: Wikipedia