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    St. Catherine of Alexandria Basilica's, one of the most outstanding monuments of Apulian and Gothic Romanesque art in Puglia, is a building of the historic center of Galatina The basilica was built between 1369 and 1391, by the will of Raimondello Orsini del Balzo. In one of his many trips, returning from the crusades, he traveled to the summit of Mount Sinai to pay tribute to the body of St. Catherine; According to the legend, in sharing, he kissed the hand of the saint, tearing his finger with his teeth. Returning to Italy he brought with him the relic that, set in a silver reliquary, is still preserved in the treasury of the church. The building, after the death of Raimondello in 1405, will be completed by his wife, Princess Maria d'Enghien, and then by his son Giovanni Antonio Orsini Del Balzo. The building was built on a pre-existing Byzantine church of the Greek rite dating to the IX-X century whose traces are well visible in the outer wall of the right nave where it was embedded, perhaps to save building material, the apse. Source: Wikipedia Google Translation