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    This is the entrance to The Home Of Real Leadership which we want to become Your Home Of Real Leadership That's Real Leadership - Real How Tos that work in Real Life - not theory or research or 'thought provoking' - we want this to be 'action provoking' And we want to co-create it - For Leaders, By Leaders And our definition of 'Leader' is simple - we believe that Leadership is a behaviour, not a position - and by that definition, everyone is a leader We hope you find what you are looking for - there are 3 parallel ways to do this, and you can switch between and across all 3 anytime Explore - This is the wander around, get lost and found, adventure part of THORL - great for your WellBeing Stuff - When you don't have much time and you want to find out a How-To straight away - to do this click on the left hand column or search for something in the 'Find something...' box THORL Live! - Wherever you see the THORL Live! symbol you can network with one other - e.g. 'Network Now', or with a prearranged one to one, or a meeting, or group, or an event Oh yes, and finally, no masks, social distancing or self-isolation required Thank you for visiting THORL

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