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    This obelisk commemorates five professional men who in 1794 were found guilty of sedition and transported to Botany Bay, Australia. They were imprisoned after campaigning to give all men aged over 21 the vote. At that time only around 10% of the population, and only men, were allowed to vote. None of the five men are buried here. The proposal to build this monument in 1840 proved highly controversial but went ahead only after the Court of Session could find no grounds to stop it.

    Scottish-American S... Daniel Stewart Peter Williamson & ... Old Calton Burial G... John Swan, Shipwrig...

    Old Calton Burial Ground opened in 1718 and was owned by the Incorporated Trades of Calton. It contains over 36,000 burials. In 1816, a road was built through the burial ground cutting it in two. The bodies and gravestones disturbed by the road building were taken to New Calton Burial Ground.