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    The Kawaguchi family first immigrated to the United States in the 1900s, and they worked at several orchards before joining the Roedings.

    Sadaichi Kawaguchi was the personal chauffeur for the Roeding family, and the two families soon became friends. The Kawaguchis accompanied the Roedings when they moved from Fresno to California.

    After the order for Japanese internment, the Roeding family desperately tried to hide their friends. However, this attempt failed and the Kawaguchis were sent to the Tule Lake Relocation Center in Newell, California. The Roeding family then bought all of the Kawaguchis assets then returned it to them after they were released from camp.


    This is a Japanese flower basket. Japanese women were well-known for their intricate, beautiful floral arrangements. Working at the California Nursery Company, the Kawaguchis were no exception.

    Although the wok has Chinese origins, many Japanese households also used them for cooking.

    The box in the first image was used by the Roedings to store the letters they received from the Kawaguchis. Even in internment camps, he Kawaguchis kept in touch by writing letters very regularly to the Roedings.

    These are just some images from this book depicting the Japanese being forced into internment camps. The two chosen pictures are of the Japanese in Fremont, California which is where this nursery is located.