Claire Pixie Aunison - Elsa Pallas University of Applied Sciences The aim of my creative project was to bring illustrations of a woman's archetypes to textiles, to give mobility and life to my creation through an accessory. For integration, a collection of scarves was born. My aim is to offer the wearer emotion through colors and figurative symbols. Each scarf is like an amulet, supporting the wearer's confidence and personality. I define scarf as a multifunctional accessory, it can be an addition or an extra item to the outfit or it may also have a practical protective purpose. As a designer, I create the design of the scarf through colors, sizes and shapes. However, the wearer has the opportunity to decide how to wear it. No limits! The name of the collection “Elsa” comes from my great-grandmother. I think I inherited from her the willpower, inspiration and passion to create various textile surfaces. As far as I can remember, Elsa revealed all the archetypes I consider in my work. She was a girl, a lover, a hostess and certainly a queen.

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