Malle Soosaar - FLAME Pallas University of Applied Sciences The collection “FLAME” encourages to express one´s individuality and notice the uniqueness around us. Wearing a thermochromic shirt unleashes through body heat man's inner passion, which is like a fiery flame. For this purpose, I use thermochromic pigment which allows people to express their physiological characteristics. The black pigment becomes colorless on contact with heat, passing through several gray tones during the process. People's body temperatures and thermoactive areas are very different, and thanks to that, each shirt I create is unique. The relevance of this collection is the intention to dissect the topic of uniqueness in today's world. The global epidemic and the need to impose special conditions on society — one of which is the obligation to wear a mask — has led to changes in the way people express themselves. A thermochromic shirt allows the wearer to design the outside of their clothing.



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