Kondrat Hecht - 4Bdden FRUIT My “4Bdden FRUIT” is a quiet shout in the society - not only to distinguish, but also to understand and solve the problem! Only by understanding the views of the other side, we can create a dialogue that leads to development. The purpose of my forbidden fruit is to make Adam and Eve understand and accept the cross-section of the strawberry fruit (the symbolic meaning of love, pleasure, joy and virtue) so that the strawberry will return from the ashes of the earth to the tree, ascending a bit higher to the sky. Once upon a time, Adam and Eve (of Eve and Adam, it doesn’t matter, because when you are one whole, hierarchy doesn’t matter) lived in divine harmony. They were allowed to enjoy all the treasures of the miraculous world except the fruits from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It has been known since the creation of the world that everything forbidden is tempting and enticing - this fruit is always sweeter, and you want to bite into it. If humanity has sacrificed immortality to understand the difference between good an evil, the society needs to use and develop this skill to achieve the lost harmony.

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