Iris Krantsiveer - Capturing the shape of language Pallas University of Applied Sciences The collection is based on three different shoe sole patterns. The spectrogram’s of the sound of three different landscapes and the corresponding sounds of onomatopoetic and ideophonic words have been used to create the sole patterns. The pattern is formed by combinations of words: kribin, krabin, klibin, klõbin; prõks, praks, krõks, kraks; sulin, solin, mulin, vulin. The shape of the sole of the shoe consists of two parts. The scanned shape of the insole can be created corresponding to the wearer’s feet and the desired sound pattern can be selected as the pattern solution of the sole. The insoles are made of cork material, but the patterned sole part can be made of cork or EVA foam. Word sound spectrograms are also used in the pattern of the cork lace uppers. The uppers are attached to the soles with a cork cord, so the uppers can be removed if necessary. The patterns used to create the collection can be heard from the shoe design using the PhonoPaper app.

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