Rytis Beiga - BLACK BOX LABEL - ABSENCE OF LIGHT When creating this fashion design (Black Box Label) collection, I drew a conclusion: anything can be a creative existential tool. Having examined creative existential tools, their conceptions, and their connotations allows me to draw my own conclusions. As a novice designer, my first conclusion was that the main existential creative tool should be an original connotation. In other words, it should be an authentic concept. To illustrate the importance of this relevant concept, I shall invoke the French deconstruction forerunner and philosopher Jacques Derrida. In his theory of deconstruction, the French philosopher talks about “supplementation” that completes something, but it can only do that because the thing being supplemented is flawed. The Biblical story of the Old Testament about the first humans illustrates the need for clothing as a necessary supplement. Eve and Adam, having tasted fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, opened their eyes and understood that they’re naked. They started covering their nudity and in shame they tried to hide from God in the garden. The need for clothing as cover appeared. Similarly, and not by accident, in the search for a unique and distinct concept in the fashion world, the black box silhouette appeared. While observing and analyzing the mechanics of an airplane’s black box, I made deductions. The black box sarcophagus is phenomenal in its purpose and function within an airplane. This object performs a protective function. It safeguards all the inner tools, structures, and contents. This is why Black Box Label’s primary creative existential tool, incorporated into the costume design, symbolizes a supplement to the human condition and protective cover. The feeling of shame felt when naked and the body’s inability to withstand harsh environmental conditions makes the black box silhouette construction and cut an irreplaceable element of human existence. This supplement naturally merges with human nature and completes it. A person is born naked, but cannot live naked. Life on Earth is intimately linked with clothing. Although, as mentioned, clothing is artificial and external to the human condition, it’s a necessary addition.

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