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    van Meštrović 1883 - 1962 Ivan Meštrović began carving sculpture while still a boy herding sheep in his native Croatia. From these humble beginnings, he went on to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and to be recognized with numerous public commissions and exhibitions. He was highly regarded by other artists, including the renowned French sculptor Rodin, who labeled Meštrović "the greatest phenomenon among sculptors" of his day. Meštrović never forgot the cultural and artistic traditions of his beloved Croatia. In his art, he blended these traditions with artistic influences of classical antiquity and the Art Nouveau style. Like Michelangelo, he mastered the human figure, which he used to express the spiritual and emotional experiences of humankind. During World War II, fascists jailed Meštrović when he refused to cooperate with their artistic programs. After the war, he moved with his family to the United States, and in the same year, 1947, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York honored him with its first solo exhibition of work by a living artist. He later received his American citizenship from President Eisenhower in a private White House ceremony. Meštrović taught at Syracuse University and the University of Notre Dame, where Baton Rouge artist Frank Hayden was his student. Meštrović worked until his death at age seventy-eight, having produced nearly two thousand known sculptures as well as numerous prints and drawings. Today, his works are held in public and private collections throughout the world.

    Atrium by Solar Sys... Frank Hayden (1934-...

    Frank Hayden (1934-1988) A Sequence of Life, 1975 Carved Honduran mahogany 51 x 269 x 10 inches Collection of Hancock Bank, L5.2002 Frank Hayden (1934-1988) is one of Louisiana's preeminent sculptors. He attended Xavier University in New Orleans and later studied under noted Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic (1883-1962) at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. After returning to Louisiana, Hayden devoted 27 years to teaching art at Southern University in Baton Rouge. Hayden's sculptures, made of wood, plaster, fiberglass, or stone, reflect deep spiritual and humanistic concerns. Although primarily figurative, his sculptural forms are stylized and often abstracted, their surfaces sometimes inscribed with words. For many years this monumental sculpture was in the lobby of a local bank Titled "A Sequence of Life," it consists of seven elements, recalling the seven days of the week, the seven days of creation, and the seven phases of human life. From left to right: The first figures depict a meeting or beginning. The second grouping represents family life. The third figure, standing within an arch, suggests building and growth. The fourth composition symbolizes recreation and the outdoors. The fifth figure, symbolizing knowledge, appears to be deep in study. The sixth composition suggests aid and community concern. The final motif of closely united partners represents love and retirement.

    Madonna and Child ... Seated Woman Holdin... Seated Male Figure,... Seated Portrait of ... Woman Study, or Stu... Pietà Bronze, c. 1... Saint John the Evan... Study for Male Tors... Male Study in Recli... Woman Playing the V... Catwalk