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    Kody Oborne b. 1989, Geraldton, Western Australia OUT TO SEA 2020 Archival print Kody took this photograph of her sister at the beach in Port Hedland, because she likes to go there when she needs some time to herself and look out to the horizon. When it’s not windy, it can be really peaceful. "The beach is calming. Nature has a lot to offer. It can actually be peaceful, relaxing, and therapeutic. It’s a place to escape and be quiet. Sometimes there are no people there, and you’ve got it all to yourself." Kody grew up in Geraldton and Perth before moving to South Hedland. She is a family and domestic violence outreach worker in the region.

    Jack Neylon b. 1996, Perth, Western Australia IRON ORE TRAINS 2020 Archival print Jack took this photograph, because he finds that people who live in Hedland are constantly reminded of the ‘work’ the town does. Even when they leave work for the day, it’s difficult to escape it. At the same time, it does give him a little bit of pride to know just how much the town produces. "A lot of people don’t understand how long our trains are! They’re well over a kilometer long. It intrigues me how far we’ve come with technology to be able to move such extreme amounts of weight. And yet it’s still really relaxing to be there, when you sit at the lookout or walk up the ridge to the bridge to look at the trains." Jack grew up in Port Hedland and chose to stay and work there. He is a subject matter expert with BHP.