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    Claire Window b. 2001, Port Lincoln, South Australia THE CIVIC CENTRE 2020 Archival print Claire took this photograph of the Civic Centre in Port Lincoln, because she likes going there in the summertime and watching the water. It makes her feel peaceful and excited for summer. The Civic Centre and the foreshore symbolise the heart of the town for her. "I go and hang out there with my friends. Typically, you’d park your car and go for a walk or a swim. It’s where everybody meets. It’s a lovely area to be in. Those steps are a stage area where we have performances during festivals. It makes me feel part of a community to be there." Claire grew up in Port Lincoln and chose to stay and work there. She is an intern at One Heart Church.

    Rebekah Danzic b. 1994, Port Lincoln, South Australia THE JETTY 2020 Archival print Rebekah took this photograph, because she spent a lot of her childhood and teen years during summer hanging out at the jetty with friends. It has a lot of memories tied to it for her, and she knows a lot of young people who use that space. "One of my first memories of this place was when a bunch of us went for a swim. We had to work each other up to jump off into the shark cage, and I just remember all of us being so terrified but when we actually did it, we ended up feeling very accomplished, and very lucky to have a place like that." Rebekah grew up in Port Lincoln and chose to stay and work there. She is founder and director of Passionis arts company.