Start of Tour

    This entrance leads to the collections and research wing of the museum. As you may be able to tell, this side of the museum is newer than the rest. Opened in 2011, as part of a collaborative project with Western University, *Sustainable Archaeology* aimed to fulfill the need for a specialized archaeological collections storage. The museum took over the facility in 2018. This is where archaeological collections can be stored indefinitely, in a safe and ethical environment, and be made accessible to researchers and Descendant Communities.


    Image: This path leads to the Medway Valley, an Environmentally Significant Area (ESA). On site, you can follow the path down to the forested trail along Snake Creek until it eventually meets Medway Creek. Where the two creeks meet you may also be able to spot the fencing that now stands around the Lawson Site. Or generally take in the picturesque views and local wildlife.

    You may notice security key pads throughout the tour. This is to ensure the safety of the collection. The artifacts and archaeological material that are cared for here, are done so in public trust. Therefore, museum staff are responsible for keeping them safe. The doors may be secured, but that does not mean no one is allowed in! We welcome people to engage with our collection of Ontario's cultural heritage, for example researchers and students, and members of Descendant Communities.