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    Plates and Cauldron Pewter Peterborough Museum Known as Ecclesiastical pewterware, these two pewter plates were found at the same time as the Censer and Incense Boat during the draining of Whittlesea Mere in 1851. Stamped on the front and back with the three rams head coat of arms of Ramsey Abbey. The Cauldron was found near the same spot in 1878.

    Silver coins Recent excavation finds - Abbey College, Ramsey Edward II silver penny, Edward III half-penny and Henry VI half-penny. Cnut 'Pointed Helmet" coin (1020) found earlier in 1966. These coins show the lifespan of the abbey and that money was changing hands there. The relative high value of the coins show the wealth of the abbey and its visitors over this period.

    Tile Pieces (Clay) Ailwyn Collection - Abbey College, Ramsey 'Impressed tile' showing several saints including Thomas Beckett and Edward the Confessor. Thought not to have been made on site (possibly in Europe) due to the fine detail and remnants of slip found on the surface. The only known complete tile of this design is in the collection at Wisbech Museum, currently on display at Chatteris Museum. Sherds of relief tiles found on the Ramsey Abbey site.This is the only site you will find tiles of this design. The largest piece shows a Hawthorn leaf' quadrant design'. Made using a wooden stamp carved from soft wood. The only known full tile of this type depicts the miracle vision of foundation of the abbey. Currently with researchers.