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    轉角遇到愛 �� ���������� ���������� (2022) by Dot Jia, Multimedia 轉角遇到愛 �� ���������� ���������� is a series of work shows-and-tells about making oddkin in slower times and quieter corners. ������ ������ is a curator and lecturer in fine art at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her academic, curatorial, and creative work focuses on decolonial, feminist modes of storytelling and praxis of care. She is a working group member of the Feminist Duration Reading Group and the co-founder of chán magazine.

      (2020-2022) by Ange...

      Tam sent a photo. Mushrooms growing out of the damp wall in our empty studio in south London.

      We were strolling when we came across these cute odd looking flowers growing out beside the pavement. Later we found out that its name is Asian Bleeding Heart. 它從東亞被帶到大不列顛,在陌生的土壤裡生根發芽。 我和它沒有區別, 在異鄉的馬路旁心碎。 “The plant extract traditionally given to the broken-hearted and the codependent, as it is made of two fused flowers, each being half of a heart.” – Marguerite Humeau

      This is Jiaying’s sponge. It was left unattened for a few days and started to sprout. The sproutings all grow in the same direction, likely towarded the source of sunlight. 我想起了我媽會把家裡種的老絲瓜曬成絲瓜筋用來刷碗。我一直以為我媽說的是是絲瓜精,是絲瓜成了精的意思。

      我迷路了。 等我回過神來,已經被記憶的蛛絲纏繞,那是名為甜蜜和憂傷的夢網。 在如火的夏天,倫敦天高雲低的那個六月。 不明白世間很多事,更不明白你我。