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    �������� (2021) by Wu Pei Chi Multimedia That year, a terrible flood took my parents' first home away and forced them to leave this place. The house was an employee accommodation, it was located in a sugar refinery which was the first sugar refinery ran by Taiwanese people. Here was the beginning of their marriage. This sugar refinery no longer produces any sugar but we visit it often. My parents always described to me how the house looked. The word they used frequently was 'Tsia' which means 'here' in Taiwanese. 'Tsia' also sounds like 'home' in Mandarin. I notice, even though we are family, the language we are familiar with is slightly different. When we speak to each other, we mix the languages to try to understand each other. I am intrigued by the blurry space between two or more languages, it enables me to dive into intimate memories and hidden personal history. ���� ������ ������'’s art practice is a smile with tears and weirdly romantic. Wu is a multidisciplinary artist, she delves into matter and images, her art-making encompasses a diverse range of materials and mediums flow between moving image, textile, performance, sound and text. The exploration of memory, human behaviours and quotidian details are central to her practice. Her recent work is driven by homesickness, she starts to look back at her family story and attempts to deconstruct certain unverified personal stories. Living in a foreign country, the cultural difference has been reflected in her recent works that cause her to rethink the relationship between personal history and written history. Wu both accepts and embraces confusion and entanglements in her narratives, allowing for fluidity and unpredictability to enable open-endedness while conveying intimate yet alienated moments between illusion and reality. Sometimes, Wu sees herself as a storyteller that does not attempt to provide a cohesive and accessible story.