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    Lr 2

    The Good Vibes neon sign as seen in media photos through the living room window.

    2b Hall Lr 3 Hallway on Floor 2

    View from the living room looking down to the 1st floor. (before refurbishment)

    Passage Floor 2 Bedroom 1A

    From Affidavit pages 1 & 2 OFC Smith and I entered the King Road Residence through the bottom floor door on the north side of the building. OFC Smith and I then walked upstairs to the second floor. OFC Smith directed me down the hallway to the west bedroom on the second floor, which I later learned (through Xana's driver's license and other personal belongings found in the room) was Xana Kernodle's, hereafter "Kernodle" room. Just before this room, there was a bathroom door on the south wall of the hallway. As I approached the room, I could see a body, later identified as Kernodle's, laying on the floor. Kernodle was deceased with wounds which appeared to have been caused by an edged weapon. Also in the room was a male, later identified as Ethan Chapin, hereafter, "Chapin". Chapin was also deceased with wounds later determined (Autopsy Report provided by Spokane County Medical Examiner dated December 15, 2022) to be caused by "sharp-force injuries." https://static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2023/01/122922-Affidavit-Exhibit-A-Statement-of-Brett-Payne.pdf

    Photos taken by the students at this location.