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    Welcome to The Virtual VR Village, presented by The Housing Innovation Collaborative, the world's housing production focused R&D platform. The Virtual VR Village is an immersive 360 walk-through experience showcasing innovative new housing models built around the world. Walk inside over a dozen model homes gathered in this virtual environment, which is organized by the primary building method or material, such as concrete, wood, or 3D printing.

    Mainstage 3D printing 1 concrete 1 Plastic 1 steel 1 Floating 1 central park center wood 1 Street View 360: CA...

    Hollywood-sign-1221... Starting Point Hall Center Special Collections... Commercial Sector Mission Roundtable


    1. 3D Printing 2. Concrete 3. Steel / Metals shipping container 1 Floating 1 panels 1 Plastic 1 Coffee 1 wood 1 Starting Point 10a. Adaptive Reuse... 1. 3D Printing 1. 3D Printing