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    William Catling “Navigating the Deep Pelagic” “Catling’s wonderfully down-to-earth works expand our capacity to understand that our bodies are vehicles for understanding—not merely tools for physical transport, but occasions for journeys that take us far beyond the literal distances we actually travel, into dimensions commonly referred to as internal, subjective, poetic, existential, or spiritual.”- Los Angeles Art Critic-David Pagel This body of work explores how the horizontal and vertical interact; as they relate to birth and death, the spiritual and the physical, water and vapor, matter and spirit. The boat forms hover in the horizontal liminal space between the fluidity of liquid and the intangibility of air; functioning as a kind of container for the human spirit. These forms reflect the interior space humans occupy at the soul level, the deepest part of the self. The works exist as a way of seeing in association with the power of memory, suffering and hope. The boat forms and the nests are symbolic of an internal journey, of silent prayer, of transitional spaces; quietly impacting the area around them or the viewer who comes close. The usage of clay reinforces a connection to the earth and the way we are rooted to the land while the vessel forms create a way of navigating deep waters. As a whole, the work creates a type of mapping where there are no landmarks, no place to anchor, and no way to know the way, without an upward gaze into the heavens.

    “The Odyssey of Hope (Mythos of Being)” 2012 10”x8”x1.5” Ink and graphite on paper

    “Your Tired Arms Offered Me No Protection” 1999 85”x18”x42” Stoneware with stains, wire, and crow’s nest

    “Tidal Dream (Moon Phase)” 2020-2021 14”x9”x2” Stains and glaze on earthenware

    “Shifting Through the Memories: The Journey of the Spirit” 2009 15”x36”x8” Mixed media

    “The Inward Journey (Where No One Knows An Oar)” 2020-2021 82.5”x15”x13” Cold finish bronze on earthenware with oar and rope

    “Ascending Pathways (of Tomorrows)” 2020-2021 20.5”x17”x15” Stain on earthenware with curly willow, twine and nest

    “Librae South (Weight of Direction)” 1999 45”x30”x16” Stoneware and pit-fire ceramic mixed media

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