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  • 林馬丁
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    * Map pins will take you to the most beautiful corners of Taiwan. * * Yellow pins are the most favorite panoramas. * * Taipei City (the capital of Taiwan) panoramas were all moved to the top left corner of the map. * * When in panorama, look up to the sky to find an arrow that will take you back to this map. * * And don't forget to come back again. More amazing places will be added soon! * * Did you like this tour? Send me a message: [martin@hajek.tw] or visit my website [https://hajek.tw]* * Some "little planets" can be purchased here as NFT: [https://opensea.io/collection/planet-formosa-taiwan] --- ** LIST OF PLACES YOU WILL FIND IN THIS TOUR ** - Alishan Sunrise, Alishan, Chiayi County - Badlands, Tianliao, Kaohsiung City - Baguashan Tea & Pineapple Farms, Mingjian, Nantou County - Bali Wazaiwei Mangrove Forest Reserve, Bali, New Taipei City - Baling Bridges & Lalashan, Fuxing, Taoyuan City - Banqiao Crescent Bridge, Xinzhuang, New Taipei City - Bitan Scenic Area, Xindian, New Taipei City - Bridge to The Land of Eight Immortals, Chengong, Taitung County - Central Cross Island Highway, Xiulin, Hualien County - Chinese Culture University, Shilin District, Taipei City - Dajia River Valley of Forgetfulness, Waipu, Taichung City - Danshui Fisherman's Wharf, Danshui, New Taipei City - Daqidongshan Sunrise, Hengshan, Hsinchu County - Daxi Old Suspension Bridge, Daxi, Taoyuan City - Dharma Drum Mountain Nung Chan Monastery, Shilin District, Taipei City - Diamond Avenue Bikeway, Changbin, Taitung County - Dongshan Mr. Brown Avenue, Dongshan, Yilan County - Dongshi Bridge Construction, Shigang, Taichung City - Dulan Coast, Donghe, Taitung County - East Coast of Kenting National Park, Hengchun, Pingtung County - East Rift Valley, Fuli, Hualien County - Erkan Historic Village, Xiyu, Penghu County - Feicui Reservoir, Xindian, New Taipei City - Fengchuisha Sand Dunes, Hengchun, Pingtung County - Foothills of Yangmingshan National Park, Danshui, New Taipei City - Fulong Beach, Gongliao, New Taipei City - Fushoushan Fruit Farms, Lishan, Taichung City - Gangzi Sand Dunes, Manzhou, Pingtung County - Guandu Bridge At Night, Danshui, New Taipei City - Guandu Plain Rice Fields, Beitou District, Taipei City - Hehuanshan & Wuling Mountain Pass, Renai, Nantou County - Hsinchu Urban Jungle & East Gate, East District, Hsinchu City - Jiamuzi Beach, Donghe, Taitung County - Jiujiufeng Hills, Caotun, Nantou County - Lipao Discovery Mall, Houli, Taichung City - Lishan Sunset, Lishan, Taichung City - Little Great China Wall, Ludao, Taitung County - Longdong Cape, Gongliao, New Taipei City - Longtan Pond & Nantian Temple, Longtan, Taoyuan City - Meishan Tea Farms, Meishan, Chiayi County - Miaoli Strawberry Farms, Shitan, Miaoli County - Mount Malabang, Taian, Miaoli County - Mr. Brown Avenue, Chishang, Taitung County - Nanfangao Fishing Port, Suao, Yilan County - Nanjichang Night Market, Wanhua District, Taipei City - Nature Loving Wonderland Buddhist Monastery, Emei, Hsinchu County - Niutou Beach, Ludao, Taitung County - Orchid Island, Lanyu, Taitung County - Penghu Great Bridge, Baisha, Penghu County - Pinglin Tea Valley, Pinglin, New Taipei City - Pingxi Valley, Pingxi, New Taipei City - Qingshui Wetlands, Jinshan, New Taipei City - Ruins of Longteng Bridge, Sanyi, Miaoli County - Rural Taiwan, Guangfu, Hualien County - Sanjiaopushan, Guishan, Taoyuan City - Shenao Harbour & Elephant Trunk Rock, Ruifang, New Taipei City - Shimen Dam & Sankeng, Longtan, Taoyuan City - Shipwreck in Taoyuan, Dayuan, Taoyuan City - Sixty Stone Mountain, Fuli, Hualien County - Spiderwebs of Lights, Wufeng District, Taichung City - Sun Moon Lake Cien Pagoda, Yuchi, Nantou County - Sun Moon Lake Lalu Island, Yuchi, Nantou County - Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Xinyi District, Taipei City - Sunrise on the Pacific shore, Changbin, Taitung County - Sunset Near The Tropic of Cancer, Fengbin, Hualien County - Sunset Over Taipei City, Wenshan District, Taipei City - Taipei & Full Moon, Wenshan District, Taipei City - Taipei City, Daan District, Taipei City - Tao Traditional Underground Houses in Ivalino Village, Lanyu, Taitung County - The Coast of Hualien, Fengbin, Hualien County - The Easternmost Point of Taiwan, Gongliao, New Taipei City - The Flight of Happiness, Guanyin, Taoyuan City - The Great Buddha of Foguangshan, Dashu, Kaohsiung City - The Heart of Penghu, Xiyu, Penghu County - The Southernmost Point of Taiwan, Hengchun, Pingtung County - Tian Yuan Temple At Blue Hour, Danshui, New Taipei City - Tianmu Baseball Stadium, Shilin District, Taipei City - Tongluo Valley & Mt. Shuangfeng, Tongluo, Miaoli County - Twin Candlestick Islets, Jinshan, New Taipei City - Wufenshan Meteorological Radar, Ruifang, New Taipei City - Xinbeitou MRT Station, Beitou District, Taipei City - Xincheng Beach & Qingshui Cliffs, Xincheng, Hualien County - Xiuguluan River Estuary, Fengbin, Hualien County - Xiuguluan River Valley, Ruisui, Hualien County - Yunlin Countryside, Citong, Yunlin County --- * Background map by 60963648 © Kchungtw | Dreamstime.com *

      Badlands - Tianl... Bitan Scenic Area ... Baguashan Tea & Pi... Central Cross Isla... Chinese Culture Un... Daqidongshan Sunri... Daxi Old Suspensio... Dharma Drum Mounta... Dongshan Mr. Brown... Erkan Historic Vil... Foothills of Yangm... Guandu Plain Rice ... Hsinchu Urban Jung... Jiujiufeng Hills ... Nanjichang Night M... Orchid Island - ... Pinglin Tea Valley... Pingxi Valley - ... Qingshui Wetlands ... Ruins of Longteng ... Spiderwebs of Ligh... Sun Yat-Sen Memori... Sunset Near The Tr... Sunset Over Taipei... Taipei & Full Moon... The Flight of Happ... The Heart of Pengh... The Southernmost P... Tian Yuan Temple A... Twin Candlestick I... Wufenshan Meteorol... Xinbeitou MRT Stat... Yunlin Countryside... Xiuguluan River Va... The Great Buddha o... Niutou Beach - L... Mr. Brown Avenue ... Alishan Sunrise ... Gangzi Sand Dunes ... Sun Moon Lake Cien... Baling Bridge & La... Nanfangao - Suao... Lishan Sunset - ... Fushoushan Fruit F... Diamond Avenue Bik... Hehuanshan & Wulin... Sun Moon Lake Lalu... East Coast of Kent... Miaoli Strawberry ... Shimen Dam & Sanke... Xincheng Beach & Q... East Rift Valley ... Shenao Harbour & E... Fulong Beach - G... Lipao Discovery Ma... Nature Loving Wond... Dajia River Valley... Bridge to The Land... Dongshi Bridge Con... The Easternmost Po... Mount Malabang -... Longtan Pond & Nan... Tongluo Valley & M... Guandu Bridge At N... Banqiao Crescent B... Sanjiaopushan - ... Tianmu Baseball St... The Coast of Huali... Meishan Tea Farms ... Jiamuzi Beach - ... Little Great China... Fengchuisha Sand D... Dulan Coast - Do... Shipwreck in Taoyu... Sixty Stone Mounta... Feicui Reservoir ... Penghu Great Bridg... Rural Taiwan - G... Xiuguluan River Es... Sunrise on the Pac... The Southernmost P... Longdong Cape - ... Taipei City - Da... Tao Traditional Un... Bali Wazaiwei Mang... Danshui Fisherman'...